Workshops & Events

Gather in style at linden springs

Become a part of our growing community and learn floral design from several of the region’s most forward-thinking and celebrated designers in the industry. Our diverse selection of offerings focuses on the artistry and the science of what makes a design substantial, while celebrating your unique style and flair.


We focus on welcoming everyone to our community workshop gatherings, no matter their skill level or experience. Blending hands-on practice and personalized instruction with premium quality flowers and fresh foliage will guarantee your success at any task. Each gathering is casual in nature and will be complemented with a subtle spread of delicious snacks and refreshments. Tools can be provided if you do not have your own, and at least one pair of clippers is necessary. Workshops typically run for 1.5 hours and fees include all materials needed unless otherwise noted. Each session typically requires a good amount of standing, if able. Please allow us to know any special considerations that may make your attendance more comfortable.