The Celebration of life can take shape in several different ways depending on your relationship to the deceased. We offer designs that are custom tailored for the service and/or appropriate for the family estate. Understanding the significant and emotional impact of loss is a critical element of custom design. Please feel welcome to share any stories or memories as we are willing to accommodate any special requests that may best express your sentiment in sharing a fresh floral arrangement.  

F0r The Family

Petite/ $85

This simple and elegant touch of flowers is sure to include a subtle accent of several focal blooms with an assortment of textured foliage and supporting blossoms to create a unique composition that compliments the season.

Appropriate for a modest coffee table, desk, or bedside setting 

Grand/ $135

A well balanced assortment of delicate neutral blooms to compliment any family reception. This design will include the focal blooms of the day while showcasing a collection of assorted select flowers. This design will hold a modest focus while presenting a fresh and sympathetic touch to any room.

Appropriate for a credenza, kitchen island, foyer table, or dining table

Luxe/ $250

This lush assortment combines all the neutral blooms we have in the studio. This design will certainly provide a warm condolence while lifting the energy of any space. A design of this impact can easily fill any room so please let us know on the order form where this may be presented. That way we know if something taller or wider is better for the setting.

Appropriate for a well styled tablescape, bureau tables, buffet tables, or any grand room

F0r The Services

Urn / $275

A halo of fresh blooms in any select color palette to compliment the tone of the day. This design is created on a fresh floral wreath for the urn to be set within.  

Casket Spray / $525 

A substantial spread of select blooms elegantly composed into a custom wilt free cradle that can easily sit atop any casket. We welcome any guidance regarding color palette or preferred style of blooms as this design should adequately express the personality of a loved one.  

Standing Spray / $355

A fresh perspective on a very traditional way to share your condolences. A standing easel fully saturated with neutral blooms to offer a sympathetic tone to accompany the memorial services. Typically stands approximately 5.5’ tall with a 3’ spray of focal florals. This design can be customized with any unique design element you feel best expresses the persona of the family or the individual in memoriam.  

Pedestal Design / $175

This is a vase style design similar to our everyday collection but composed of floral elements that compliment the overall tone of the memorial service. Unlike the previous selections please know that this design is created in fresh water and will offer the most versatile placement as well as longevity. The vase can easily be transported between the service and the family estate.