Katie and Justin's Love Story

On a beautiful spring day in April, Katie and Justin held an outdoor wedding ceremony and tented reception at his family farm in Williamsport, MD.  It was a romantic day filled with love, friendship and celebration. The color palette included sage green, pink, blush, white  and ivory.  
The Meeting

Katie and Justin both attended Williamsport High School together and graduated in 2000. While Katie states they had classes together and knew each other in high school, Justin is quick to butt in with, "Well, we weren't really friends..."

The Reunion

Justin and Katie graduated high school and went their separate ways. However, one night circa 2010, as fate -- and a love of the Broad Axe -- would have it, they saw each other while Justin waited in line for a beer. They talked for a little and then he was gone. She apparently sent a Facebook friend request sometime in 2013 and he accepted. Fast forward 3 years and Justin posts a ridiculous photo of himself on Facebook with a crazy mustache and even crazier eyes. Katie commented "This is a good look on ya," and a conversation began. They messaged back and forth a few times, catching up, testing the waters, trying to figure out if the other was single. This was Christmas Eve. By Christmas Day, Katie had an inkling that maybe Santa hadn't put all of her gifts under the tree.
On January 7th, 2016, Justin finally took Katie on a date. They had dinner at Carmine's, he held the door, and asked if he could kiss her at the end of the night. A gentleman? Katie wasn't quite sure what to do with this, but she thought she maybe liked it.

The Courtship

Justin and Katie started dating, seeing each other once or twice a week, but purposefully kept things light. Katie had recently gotten out of a serious relationship and was feeling a little gun-shy. She knew Justin was a keeper and certainly didn't want to hurt him, so the two decided to take things slow. However, as the weeks and months progressed, both Katie and Justin realized what they had was something special -- and so they became boyfriend and girlfriend -- and of course, Facebook official -- on March 12th, 2016.
The Proposal

In July of 2016, Justin and Katie had planned a long weekend in Deep Creek at his grandfather's house. They packed their bags and their two dogs and off they went. Katie thought Justin was acting weird, but he claimed he was tired and she brushed it off. Once they got to the house, he seemed better, so the two settled in for some quality time together. On Saturday, after they returned from a day sunbathing on the dock, they both showered and cleaned up before cooking dinner. When Katie went out on the deck after she had finished, Justin was sitting and playing the guitar. He pulled up a chair for her and kept strumming, both of them watching the water and chit-chatting.

Then, Justin did something weird.

He put his phone up on the railing and said he wanted to get something out of the way -- and that he wanted to make sure that Katie said yes (eventually) when he asked her to marry him. (Note: Katie jokingly -- okay, maybe not so jokingly -- told Justin that she'd only ever marry him if he learned to play Tennessee Whiskey). He told her he wanted to record it just for them and she begrudgingly agreed, but told him she definitely wasn't looking in the camera! The song began, he played it perfectly, and Katie, as promised, avoided the contact with the camera and watched the water as Justin played

Then suddenly, he was on his feet, his guitar was in the corner, and he was asking her to stand. And --if you've seen the Facebook video -- you know what happened next. He proposed. She said "holy cow!" And then, YES!
And, that, friends, is what brings you here!
A beautiful invitation suite from Minted.com
A floral tree designed by Westvirjeni for the ceremony suite

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