Just a Day in the Life of Westvirjeni

You never know what a day may hold.  Especially for me, and I know my friends and family will vouch for that. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day in March and pretty early in the morning.  I was so proud that I had myself up and 'out the door' by 9.  (That's a hard task for me these days) I'm headed to my 9-5 and dressed in work clothes. As I pull up Route 45 I look to my right and see this amazingly beautiful turkey laying on the side of the road.  So, if you know me at all, I stop, and get out to investigate.  Most of the time road kill is pretty beat up. I'm a little embarrassed and a bit proud to say I know this, 'cause this isn't my first road kill rodeo.  This thing was pristine.  I'm not sure what happened to him, but I will tell you what I did next.  (Don't judge.)

First, I made sure he was dead.  I'm not kidding you--I wasn't 100% sure at first.  After I confirmed the sad situation, I figured I may as well use him to create some beauties, right?  So, I pulled my car in a U-turn, and high-tailed it back to my house to get the Westvirjeni Titan and a good shovel. Mind you--there was no time for changing.  I had it in my head that I was "on the clock'--like some other crazy was going to beat me back to it. 

If you had only witnessed what happened next.  I wonder if someone I knew drove by--because they would have seen me in full office dress, on the side of the road with a shovel--trying to get this 30 pound bird into the bed of my truck.  I'm sure it was a sight.




I got my prize.  Cleansed him with a sage burning (from bundles I made last fall from the Westvirjeni gardens) and sent him off to be plucked and put back in the earth.  God has a way of giving you what you need.  I always take full advantage.  I just took feather inventory and was down to the last 6.  I'll be creating some beauty in the near future with all of the feathers. 



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